Paleo Diet For Bodybuilders

When it comes to building muscles and reducing body fat, a diet based on proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals is ideal – Paleo diet for bodybuilders.

Paleo Diet For Bodybuilders

Paleo Diet for Bodybuilders

– enhances the consumption of lean meats and eggs and limits a bit the intake of fruits, especially very sweet fruits.

For building muscles, you need proteins. Instead of getting your proteins from a lot of dietary supplements, you should simply get all the nutrients you need from food. Natural, unprocessed food is the best solution – the human body was design to assimilate nutrients from aliments, and not from artificially, chemically obtained substances. Even bodybuilders who haven’t heard about the Paleo diet, follow the same principles, simply because they make sense. Any trainer and nutritionist would advise an athlete interested in building muscle mass, to eat a lot of proteins and to fortify their organism with vitamins and minerals from green vegetables and fresh fruits.

Proteins – essentials for paleo diet for bodybuilders

Muscles are made of proteins, so it’s quite clear why a bodybuilder or weightlifter need much more protein then other athletes of people who exercise only once or twice per week. The estimated daily requirements of proteins are less then a gram of protein per day for every kilogram (two pounds) of bodyweight. However, for bodybuilders, especially during intense training periods, the protein intake can go up to two grams of proteins per day, for each kilogram (two ponds) of bodyweight. The best natural protein sources are eggs, lean meats, fish and seafood. Professional bodybuilders can raise their daily proteins intake with the help of protein powder. A high protein intake doesn’t cause any problems to healthy, active people. But if you have health issues such as kidney problems or diabetes, you should monitor your protein intake carefully.

Paleo Secret – Although not much of a secret to bodybuilders, while on the paleo diet for bodybuilders, yolks contain high calories and for shedding fat should be removed. The amount of calories does not justify the goodness contained in the yolks.

When to eat proteins

To insure a good environment for muscle growth, bodybuilders need to eat proteins once every three hours – practically, each meal and snacks need to contain proteins. You can start your day with a breakfast based on eggs and green vegetables, a nice piece of steak for lunch and fish or seafood in the evening. Of course, you have so add some vegetables and salads for every meal you have. As for snacks, protein bars and protein drinks are a good solution. There are plenty of proteins bars and shakes you can buy. However, many of them contain refined sugar, preservatives and food coloring. To avoid those dangerous chemicals, you can make your own protein bars and shakes. You can use protein powder and other ingredients, such as nuts, seeds, vegetable oils and butters or dried fruits. Some trainers recommend, for bodybuilders, that 40 percent of the calories to come from proteins. However, that’s a lot more then most nutritionists suggest, so maybe it’s not a good idea to increase your protein intake so much. Sticking to a total of 20 to 30 percent of your daily calories from proteins it’s safer. Carbs are also important while training on the paleo diet for bodybuilders, but make sure you get your carbs from fresh fruits and vegetables. If you decide to eat grains too, then you should only choose whole, unprocessed grains.