Paleo Diet And CrossFit

Combining Stone Age diet with the right kind of training will improve your physical performances. Paleo diet and CrossFit will help you get in a great shape.

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program, which combines sprinting, gymnastics and weightlifting. Athletes following CrossFit program run, climb and carry heavy objects. It’s a great way to train, because it never gets boring. This training program helps you reach high physical performances: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, power, speed, agility, coordination and strength.

Paleo Diet and CrossFit

Paleo diet and crossfit – Benefits of training and dieting

But, to be able to train efficiently, you also need the right type of diet. CrossFit and Paleo is, from this point of view, the perfect match. If you stop a little to think about, CrossFit trains the skills that a human living in Stone Age needed for survive: you train your body to run fast, to carry heavy, strangely shaped loads, to endure great efforts. Paleolithic man truly was the ultimate athlete  – he needed those skills to deal with the environment. You can regain your health and strength by training and eating right.

The molecular foundation for successful crossfit training on the paleo diet

Caveman diet offers you the kind of energy-loaded food you need for better physical performances and a low calories intake in the same time. Refined and processed carbohydrates and refined sugar are associated with obesity, coronary disease, diabetes and even cancer. Milk and dairy products cause allergies and digestive problems to most people. Only about 10 percent of people can digest milk products properly. For the rest of them, milk and dairies intake leads to irritable bowel syndrome and allergies. Taking those aliments from your diet makes you more active and full of energy. You also reduce the risk of developing serious chronic conditions: high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, allergies and more. Thanks to the intake of fresh, unprocessed foods (meats and fish), complex carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables and also nuts and seeds, Stone Age diet controls your insulin and hormones level, improving your physical performances. Through this diet, you eliminate, from your system, all the toxins you accumulated during those long years of eating processed food, loaded with preservatives, colorants and other chemicals.

Particularities of Paleo diet for athletes

Normally, this diet excludes grains. But, if you train really hard each day, you can have some grains now and then. However, this doesn’t mean you should eat white bread, pasta made of white wheat flour or white rice. If you are on a CrossFit training plan and in the same time you follow Caveman diet, you should be very careful about the grains intake. Eat those foods only during extended recovery periods, after intense rounds of training. Always pick whole grains – bread and pasta made of whole wheat and rye flour are way better then those made of refined flour. Also, choose brown rice over white rice. Protein intake is extremely important for athletes training on regular basis. There is a simple method to calculate your necessary protein intake: one gram of protein for each pound (half kilogram) of bodyweight. So, if you weight 180 pounds, you need to eat 180 grams of proteins each day. The best sources of proteins are lean meats, eggs, fish and seafood, nuts and seeds.